€2.995,00 EUR

The Unlimited Potential Program - Coach

This program is for people that want to be the best coach they can ever be. To become a unique coach by learning the foundation and then building on top of that with your experiences, skills, and unique insights. This way you will be able to help people without any limiting beliefs and the confidence that you have the knowledge to guide others to a better life in any category. 

Each of our programs contains more than just "a simple online course". We believe in learning together, and this doesn't end. That is why we incorporate cooperative learning and great tools to keep you developing even long after the initial course is done!

What you'll get:

  • 3 months' worth of The UP - Coach online modules that teach you the essence of coaching incl. monthly one-on-one personal reviews
  • A 3-month certification program incl. one-on-one live-case reviewing
  • Your personal Social Styles self-assessment (incl. reviewing with one of our UP-experts)
  • Weekly Mastermind sessions
  • Access to the private coach group in our online community
  • Full access to our expanding library of bonus content (with for example "How to stop worrying at night")
  • Access to several unique and custom Unlimited Potential tools to help you with administration, coaching clients, and guiding your clients' processes
  • Your own unique online platform to register and manage your clients on your own domain as a coach

* On top of standard duration of the program you get access to everything incl. Unlimited Potential tools for an additional 6 months

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