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Welcome to the Unlimited Potential podcast, where we explore the power of mental health and personal growth. Hosted by expert psychologist Gerard Dekkers and Mental Coach Rowen Dekkers, this podcast is your go-to source for getting one step closer to strong mental health every single week.

From managing anxiety to helping the people close to you and the mindset to become successful in life. Gerard and Rowen challenge all of these topics in an open, professional, and even playful way for 40-50 minutes in both Dutch and English. If you have any subjects you would like them to discuss (or guests for them to talk to), comment your suggestions on the YouTube videos or send us an e-mail at [email protected]




"5 Reasons why you FAIL crushing your Limiting Beliefs"

In this free guide you find the 5 reasons people fail getting rid of their limiting beliefs. All essential to being able to live your full potential. 

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"5 Reasons why you CAN'T find your unique Coaching Style"

In this guide, you'll find out what's holding you back from becoming the best coach you can be, so you can start using your knowledge to help others

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A free mind
gives meaning to life


Doing what gives you a sense of fulfillment and meaning to your life. Something that makes you unique. Which course you want to sail. What you want to become and how you like to position yourself.

UP speaks in plain language. We don't beat around the bush, and tell you what you need to hear. Through this, we create an opportunity for you to learn together with others and achieve your higher goal.

A free mind
knows how to develop


Real learning is mainly done together. Learning to reflect and sharing experiences in the right context with people that want the same as you.

We relativize together while seeing the humor in it. We believe in working on things that you can control so you can make big steps in your growth, which will in turn make you a happy and mentally strong person.

A free mind
is trustworthy


Business sense. Years of experience and the proof to help achieve individual- and common goals in an expert way.

As an indipendent organization we make our own choices with the ambition to develop as many activities and products as possible that can contribute to the personal growth of people.

"I Will Not Stop Before You Reach Your Goals"

~Gerard Dekkers

Let me ask you: "Are you serious about developing yourself, getting your key talents into action, and acting in line with the goals you have set for yourself?" Thinking it through is an essential first step, but nothing happens if you don't ACT and stop giving in to excuses. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, because we can all be the best version of ourselves and that includes you!

"The biggest burden of mankind is unfulfilled potential"
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The complete UP Program contains 6 steps, and in each step, very specific topics are covered with only one goal: Getting Your Key Talents Into Gear.

For our coaching program there is also a certification period and practice with life cases. Below you will find everything included in all of our Unlimited Potential programs.

For further details on each program visit the specific product page