Your Potential should not be Limited

We belief that through a strong essential foundation and learning together you can make the future look UP

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Our theory originates from the biggest accredited psychology and coaching studies

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After helping done over 10.000 sessions clients ourselves we found out exactly how you can grow


30 years of experience in individual- and groupcoaching, psychology and training

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From acceptance to relationships and the mindset to become successful in life. Gerard and Rowen Dekkers discuss all of these subjects during these podcasts and more every week. If you have any subjects you would like them to discuss or guests for them to talk to, comment it on the YouTube videos or send us an e-mail at [email protected]

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"5 Reasons why you FAIL crushing your Limiting Beliefs"

In this free guide you find the 5 reasons people fail getting rid of their limiting beliefs. All essential to being able to live your full potential. 

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"5 Reasons why you CAN'T find your unique Coaching Style"

In this guide, you'll find out what's holding you back from becoming the best coach you can be, so you can start using your knowledge to help others

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Three steps you can already take

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Find your most important limiting beliefs, and discover the structure of how to get rid of them. 

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Online learning with Personal attention!

All our programs harmonize in finding the perfect balance in allowing you to learn where you are whenever you are, learning together and getting personal attention on a weekly basis to make compliment the your own journey 

Unique Apps to keep you on track and maintain your progress

Only a course is often not enough to truly create change in your life and maintain your journey. We created multiple apps and tools to help you not only during but also after any of our Unlimited Potential Programs to keep you on your desired path. Find more information below in the section: 'The Unlimited Potential Program in detail.'

Together we GROW

We hold "learning together" very close to our hearts and especially setting big changes in your life in motion needs a helping hand at first. We hold you accountable for your own goals and achievements and we found a way how you can get the most out of your learning journey together with a strong community

"I Will Not Stop Before You Reach Your Goals"

Let me ask you: "Are you serious about developing yourself, getting your key talents into action, and acting in line with the goals you have set for yourself?" Thinking about it is an essential first step, but nothing happens if you don't ACT and stop making excuses! Stop feeling sorry for yourself, because we can all be the best version of ourselves and that includes you!

The biggest burden of mankind is unfulfilled potential

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The Unlimited Potential Program in detail

The complete UP Program contains 6 steps, and in each step, very specific topics are covered with only one goal: Getting Your Key Talents Into Gear. For our coaching program there is also a certification period and practice with life cases. Below you will find everything included in all of our Unlimited Potential programs including what the six steps mentioned above entail. For further details on each program visit the specific product page